Sports Betting Online Philippines (Sportsbooks & Odds)

Are you a lover of sports? Or do you purely just enjoy watching the games and betting on them? Do you also like gauging the capabilities of various sports teams? If you say yes to any of these, then sports betting might be for you!

In America, stigma has long coated the activity and name of “gambling.” Hence, it is why, for some, it’s easier to call it “gaming” instead. However, much has been done to negate the long-standing stigma. There’s a new that’s opened for a massive, multibillion-dollar legal sports betting industry to emerge. Due to its legality, many sports fans are now interested in playing.

Where to begin? For newbies, betting on sports seems easier said than done. With this comprehensive guide, we’ll teach you the rules and basics. We’ve got you here at Bet88!

The Rules of The Sportsbook

Sportsbook Rules

One might ask, “hey, how do you start sportsbetting?” To answer the question, you can start by betting on a sportsbook. A sportsbook is reliable, and it is also well-founded. Sportsbook businesses, moreover, need to observe specific regulations and rules to stay successful in the market. Another reason for the rules is that they can keep customers happy. The rules may vary depending on the sportsbook you bet on. With the spread of online technology, looking for a sportsbook’s never been this easy! However, here are the most common rules in sportsbooks!

  • Prices and their odds are bound to change
    An adage goes, “Change is the most constant thing in life.” Well, that principle certainly works for sportsbooks. It can be easy to forget. The older and regular bookmakers who are behind sportsbetting sites are human, so it might be a little expected. If there’s an error on the post line, scheduled time, or max wager, then automatically, the bets will be deemed void and they become a “no action” bet. The money will also be returned.
  • Betting restrictions
    Be aware: you cannot wager on both the moneyline and the point spread of a particular game. This can mean to both individually and within the same parlay. Multiple bets are not accepted where the outcome of one part of the bet contributes to the outcome of another. These are called correlated plays. If sportsbooks allowed this, their exposure to any one event would be more significant than they want. If you want to bet on linked and correlated events, then that’s not possible. This is because betting on them is considered a no-no in sportsbetting.
  • Innings of play for Major League Baseball games
    You might find that there are times when the outcome of a game has been determined quickly! The outcome of games is sometimes decided in 41/2 innings – especially if the home team is now leading. Should a game be suspended mid-game, the score listened in following the last full inning will decide who the game-winner is.
  • “Next” event betting wagers are no-actioned
    Got a knack for betting on “next” events? You may want to exercise caution for that one. If you bet on the “next event,” then your wagers will be rendered no-action once the event ends. Your money will be returned. What happens to the bet? It gets treated as a “push.”
  • The legal age is the acceptable age
    All sportsbooks accept and follow this rule. This rule is simple: you need to be of age, at least, depending on your state, before you can bet online. If you’re betting in the Philippines, you must be at least eighteen (18) years old before making a wager.
  • Forbidden third-party deposits
    Deposits from third-party websites and entities are not allowed. This logic is self-explanatory. The rationale is that sportsbooks need to protect themselves from fraud. If you will deposit, use the funds that belong to you.
  • Verification and confidentiality
    verifying your identity before withdrawing funds from your sportsbook, it also ensures that the money is going to the right person. In addition, all the accounts are set and protect the information of its bettors.
  • No cancelling
    If you have a wager for sportsvetting, then you need to stick to it. That means seeing it through to the end! Since there is a no-cancellation policy, you should ask yourself if you are truly sure, like, really sure, of what you are betting on. Be warned, though – you can bet on the opposite side of an event to act as a hedge!
  • Keep things in writing
    There are plenty of things your sportsbook can do for you. However, there are also things that it will not do for you – like paying your taxes. You should keep things such as your transactions in writing so that you can do your required diligence based on the laws of the state you reside and play in.

Common Mistakes In Sportsbetting

Sportsbetting Mishaps and Mistakes
Mistakes are normal. They’re also human, but let’s be real: they are costly – in time and money. In the world of sportsbetting, though, we hardly recommend getting mistakes in. You can do things to prevent these mistakes – and by doing them, you can get a better sportsbetting experience!

The most common mistakes made for sportsbetting are the following:

  • Emotional betting
    When you bet, it’s usually done from intuition or calculation, but if there’s a mistake, it will be betting with your heart. Rather, it’s a trap that many tend to fall into and there are huge tendencies to fall into this. Hey, it may work once or twice. In the long run, though? It might end up causing more harm and heartache than not. This is a harsh truth: there’s no place to be soft and emotional in betting!
  • Poor bankroll management
    A great bettor bets well and responsibly! To do that, you need to be better at managing your bankroll. Before betting, you need to get some time. That time will be used to build your bankroll up. You might ask, “What’s a bankroll?” Well, the bankroll is spare cash set aside for the purpose of betting! It’s not money you use to pay the bills and rent. It’s also a separate account that can ensure you won’t dip into the money you live off of.
  • Chasing losses
    Chase your losses? Great idea – just kidding; it’s a big No in the world of sports betting. Betting is a game of wins, and there’ll also be losses; it is also why you call the art “gambling.” If you prefer to chase your losses, then you might say you are not cut for the cloth of gambling.
  • Betting on sports you don’t know
    Not familiar with the sport? Then do not even think about betting on there! Media attention in a match might entice a lot of bettors. However, there’s a sad aspect to it: they know nothing about the athlete, the rules, and the sport. Instead, they’ll operate off the hype and, as a result, lose the bet. It works well for the sportsbook, though: the sportsbook profits off these losses. If you’re a smart bettor, do your research. Come in prepared!

The Best Sportsbetting At Bet88

Sportsbetting, especially once you’ve gotten the art and the hang of it down, can be a great activity to unwind! It’s an activity that requires strategy, preparedness – and a little flexibility! Thanks to the internet, however, there are now many platforms where you can explore sportsbetting. 

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