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A popular game, roulette is famously featured in Lady Gaga’s most popular songs. However, it’s a game with its origins dripping with mystery. Nonetheless, it’s one of the easiest games of chance. Due to the game’s mechanics largely banking on the player’s luck, it has an addictive edge to it.

The History

The History of The Roulette

Unfortunately, the game of roulette has origins that are shrouded in mystery. However, there is a version that is accepted. This version is that during the 17th century, the accomplished French math wiz and accomplished nerd Blaise Pascal created the game while he was trying to produce a perpetual motion machine.

However, plenty of evidence refutes this. The evidence, on the contrary, indicates that several ancient civilizations have already played games similar to roulette.

Some of these may include:

  • China
    Many believe that an ancient Chinese board game that involved arranging 37 animal figurines into a magic square with numbers that total 666 was the basis for roulette. Dominican monks later discovered the game Chinese game. The monks had been deeply involved and invested in all aspects of Chinese culture and daily life. Later, they brought the game to Europe with them, slightly modifying it.The blueprint, however, for how the original Chinese game had been plated was not easy to find. Allegedly, the layout had been changed. The square had been made a circle, with a special slot for the number zero. The problem with this story is that even the earliest French roulette had a zero and a double zero slot. As a result, the whole ‘ancient Chinese game’ theory has aged badly.
  • Ancient Rome
    In Ancient Rome, soldiers used shields to gamble as a way to pass the time. Aside from the short life expectancy, soldiers also had to witness their friends and comrades constantly being wounded and murdered in battle. It was not a fun occupation. Morale was terrible, which affected their performance in battle.Commanders tried to remedy the situation by letting their soldiers have as much fun as possible – including participation in gambling games. The games involved spinning a shield or a chariot wheel – similar to how roulette is played, isn’t it?
  • Ancient Greeks
    Greek soldiers also enjoyed their fair share of gambling games while not dodging arrows and spears. One particular game is similar to modern-day roulette. They would etch symbols on the inner part of their shields, put them down on the ground, and place an arrow beside them. Then they’d spin the shield and bet which symbol would stop before the arrow. However, there’s a lack of evidence to assert that roulette is, by nature, Greek or Roman.Nonetheless, France takes credit for the game, although the gameplay and design had influences from two similar games in 17th-century Europe: Roly Poly and Even-Out. Both of which needed a spinning wheel and wagering on the spin outcome.
  • Roulette To America
    In 1873, Joseph Jaggers found a biased roulette wheel and then made the first famous wheel exploits. He won over $300,000. Furthermore, European settlers who landed in Louisiana in the early 19th century brought roulette to the United States, but casino proprietors were not happy with the high house edge of the game and made the edge higher. This resulted in players losing interest in the game, which meant low earnings for them. The rules changed and evolved – and it is now enjoyed and known as American roulette, which Americans love to play.
  • Roulette On The Net
    Over the years, technology has grown a lot – and to an extent that made it possible to play table games like roulette and blackjack online and from the comfort of their own homes. Now that there are a lot of platforms coming out, plenty of fans are now spoilt! You can also play European, American, and all other types of roulette without leaving your home!


    The games online are regulated by special institutions that ensure the games you play are not rigged in any way. There are also licensure and certifications.

How To Play Roulette

A Guide To Playing Roulette

Since its wide origins in the 16th century, roulette has offered countless pleasures to casino-goers. The game has also enjoyed immense popularity due to its simple rules and gameplay. Another reason for its immense popularity is because it has a level of depth that attracts serious bettors – as well as its lax, spontaneous nature. Some players like using strategy systems to get better chances for winning; however, the game is largely defined by chance.

The Important Things:
The important things you need to know while playing roulette are the following:

  • You need to guess first the number or type of number the ball will land on when the dealer spins the wheel.
  • The game and play begin after this cue. The cue is that the dealer has cleared the table of the game that has previously occurred. After the table is clear, it’s now the time to wager your bets on the desired slot number you want. You can opt to wager on “outside bets” (groups of numbers instead of individual digits).
  • As much as possible, refrain from being too technical when you’re playing. Grandiose and complicated gaming strategies? They won’t be of use when you’re playing roulette. It’s because, mostly, roulette, by nature, is a game of luck. Things like the Martingale system might end up ruining the game for you. Just have fun, though. Try not to get carried away, too – it might end up biting you back.

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Roulette is a fun and spontaneous game. It has enjoyed plenty of love and attention, after history has often rendered and considered it a game frustrating to play due to its high house edge and have preferred other games to it.

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