Best Online Casino Games Philippines in 2023

The commonality of online gambling platforms has spread with the help of technology. Now all of them are vying for the attention of gamblers with varying acumens! The online gambling bug has bitten Asia and worldwide. Particularly here in the Philippines, gambling is a pastime and a way to honor death. It also happens to be regulated.

If you crave the experience, you might be better off experiencing the brick-and-mortar casino Filipino experience. If convenience means more to you, then there are great online casino sites that offer you that, along with convenience and higher payouts! In fact, the Philippines has got cards up her sleeve where gambling is concerned – and she’s certainly not running out of tricks yet!

Top 5 Online Casino Games

Whenever you say gambling, no doubt, there’s already an image you may have conjured up in your mind! It might be the images of people dressed in their best, holding cocktails while playing poker in a crowded room in Las Vegas. It can even be perhaps a flashback from any of the most beloved Hollywood movies that feature casinos or gambling elements – and there are a lot of them! There’s Aaron Sorkin’s snappy directorial debut, Molly’s Game! There’s also the classic Casino!

There’s a question that begs answering, and it’s: hey, what are the best online casino games in the Philippines? Some of them include the classic ones: slots, Blackjack, Poker, etc.! These are classic staples. That means they never go out of style, and it’s easy to find them. Their status as classic, timeless games of chance means that they are quite beloved by players, and it’s usually because of their less room for mistakes or because their mechanics have this X-factor that makes it fun to plot strategies for winning.

Here, we’ve got the top five (5) online casino games! These games are universal and also found in several online casinos.

Defined by the surrender to fate – or rather, chance – slots are the ultimate game of chance! It does not get any harder and easier than this with slots: put your money into the machine and then pull a lever or press a button. Let your heart pound fast with the anticipation, the rush – and the thrill! What may happen next can be an exhilarating experience that some may call the gambling rush – or a loss.

Blackjack uses decks of fifty-two (52) cards. It also happens to be the most-played casino game worldwide! Descending from a global family of casino banking games known as “twenty-one” (21), it’s a beloved game that requires a little more participation on your part!

Fast-paced, social, and fun as the game may be, surprisingly, its rules are simple, and learning them is quite easy. However, if you put in the work and energy, you may find that Blackjack is great! It is also a game where you can utilize and create strategies that give you a winning streak! In practicing Blackjack, you might run into the nature of some games being “high risk, high reward,” but it’s up to you if you want to pull up the stakes! We’ll understand if you do – but we also advise you to practice it responsibly.

Craps is linked with the dice; it’s a game of dice wherein the players put their wagers on a pair of dice. In return, it is the dice that decide who the victor is. When playing, the option of betting against other players or the bank is given to you. When playing craps, don’t mind it if other players are talking in slang – it’s actually a traditional practice when playing craps.

A classic online and offline casino game, players wager which hand is best according to poker rules. Poker also makes use of comparing cards. Worldwide, it is loved and played. There’s a standard deck that is used to play poker. Moreover, all of its iterations have one (1) or more rounds where you can wager.
Sic Bo
This game has spread and been played from American and European casinos – in an effort to appeal to gamblers from the East. In Chinese, this game means “dice pair,” which is a reference to the usage of dice within the game. You play sic bo using three dice on a table with a layout where the players place their wagers. Whenever you play sic bo in a Western casino, you might notice that that table is often electronically wired to such an effect that after the dealer’s rolls and throws in the dice (put in a container), all the winning layout gets lit up.

Real Money Vs. Free Games

The online casino venue has changed and elevated the betting scene in ways more than one! It is also becoming the preferred venue for gambling by people from all walks of life globally. It’s also enabled gamers to have as many options as possible, regardless of whether they are hobbyists or professional gamblers. When playing online, you may have stumbled on the terms “real money” and “free games.”

What do these terms mean, though? We’ll give you a rundown!

Real Money Games

Real Money games take their name from the mechanic: you’ll need to spend a pretty shill to enjoy your game! Casinos that are real-money in nature are easy to join. They’re also available everywhere.


The perks of real-money games are:

  • It is not hard to get access to real money games
  • The site’s giving you a wide range of games you can play from
  • Chances to win real prizes are provided to you
  • You also get to join competitions since you’re also paying money for the experience


Real-money games also have disadvantages. Namely, they are:

  • Limits on time and budget
  • Many illegal casinos are still operational

Free Games

Imagine you’re walking alone in the supermarket, and someone taps on your shoulder. When you turn to look, it’s someone offering you a sample tasting of new luncheon meat.
It’s the same principle behind the premise of free games. In essence, free games allow you to sample the casino itself as well as the software and the games lobby. You don’t need to pay first; you do not need to sign up for an account to play free games.

The perks of free games are:

  • Room for experimentation
  • Account registration is not required
  • You get to experience the game and casino firsthand before committing to them

The cons of free games include:

  • Free plays are no longer common
  • Limited-time access
  • To play more, you’ll need to pay with real money

Which is better?

The entities of real-money games and free-play games are completely different – they operate on opposing premises. Answering which is better will also depend on the kind of gambler that you are. If you are the kind who seeks caution before making a decision, then free plays are for you. If you want to dive in immediately and invest fast, then real money games suit you.

However, we wholly advise you to try free play games first since free play games will give you a peek of the gaming experience – as well as the gaming platform. It’s also a step in making an informed decision!

Bet88 Games

There’s an ideal place for online gaming, with a secure platform, and flexible payment options. It happens to be Bet 88! Bet88 is slowly and steadily rising to be one of the Philippines’ most reliable and popular online gaming platforms!

Some of the recommended games we’ve got under Bet88’s banner are:

Mines takes its name from its mechanics. In the game of Mines, there are stars and land mines hidden on the field. Your goal? It’s to open as many stars as possible – as long as you don’t blow up the mine. Some may say, hey, easier said than done, but if you want a challenge, Mines will give you exactly that!
Jackpot Fishing
Jackpot Fishing is one of Bet88’s best fishing games in its roster. You begin at a lower level with this game, but if you keep it up, you’ll become even better! A unique feature of this kind of game is that the size of the fish you catch determines your score. The bigger the fish you catch, the higher score you can accumulate!
Let’s Shoot
Let’s Shoot is set underwater – a must-game for action lovers! You will also get three difficulty levels. The game also gives you different gun types to shoot fish with.

Jackpot Bingo
Jackpot Bingo is one of the funnest offerings Bet88 has got! Jackpot Bingo follows the bingo standard procedure. There are a few deviations to the standard bingo practice. It is that the strip size and the number of draws are different. The way the game is designed is peak bingo: just click numbers and the buttons, and gaming has never been this easier!

High Hand Holdem Poker
High Hand Holdem Poker is another great take of Bet88 on the classic poker game! The gameplay is easy, as it allows you to make bets and it has a fluidity of movement and gameplay design in this game, as it’s effortless to play, smooth, and you do not need to get a headache trying to keep up with the game and its rules! There’s a button wherein you can make your moves after you’ve clicked on the cards!

Online Casino Games Frequently Asked Questions

Is online gambling illegal?
Online gambling’s legality depends on what state you are from. In the Philippines, it is not illegal, especially if the gambling platform you use is acknowledged by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). However, you may need to be of your state’s legal age to play.

Are there benefits to playing online?
Yes, there are several benefits if you play online. The benefits you’ll get if you shift to playing table games and others online are that it is convenient, saves time and money, and you just need a device and internet connection to continue playing.

How old do I have to be to play?
If you want to play online casino games so badly, you must be at least eighteen (18) years old, or at least, of legal age, depending on the state where you come from.