Online e-Bingo Game Philippines

Bingo is one of the most well-known games worldwide. Players receive a card, cross out a number, and wait until all numbers are lined up. It can line up in any direction, whether horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. People of any skill play bingo because it is fun. Bingo is an easy game, but your luck decides the outcome of the game.

With advancements in technology, bingo has now evolved into e-bingo. This variant of the game steps up from its predecessor. Thus, e-Bingo now features added gamification, bringing refreshing new spins to the original game. Fortunately, the goal remains the same. As long as you land the right numbers, you will win a game.

Read on to see why you should play online e-bingo today!

What is Online e-Bingo?

Online e-bingo is the successor to bingo played on online platforms. Building from the foundations of the original game, e-bingo includes gamified mechanics to bring a new approach. The mechanics vary from each online bingo game, but its format takes inspiration from the real-life game.

The numbers you get come in two variants: 90-ball or 75-ball. The 90-ball follows the UK version, where numbers are arranged in a 3×9 grid. On the other hand, the 75-ball follows the US version on a 5×5 grid with a free space in the center. In e-bingo, some games follow a specific ball format than a grid. This allows players to create different strategies based on the available card formats.

How To Play e-Bingo

Playing e-bingo is similar to traditional bingo. You can try free plays if this is your first time playing e-bingo. A free play allows you to understand the game without losing extra money.

Once you get used to playing, you can test your skills on a real online game.

Here are the steps to play e-bingo:

  1. Choose your card
    e-Bingo follows the same rules as traditional cards. However, the format will vary depending on the cards. For example, one e-bingo game may provide players with a 3×5 grid card instead of the UK version. Despite this, the highest number that players get is still 90.
  2. Pick a number
    The software will provide random numbers based on your chosen card. If one number matches the one on your card, pick it. Do this until you form a winning pattern. The more matched numbers you get, the more winnings you earn.
  3. Form a pattern
    In traditional bingo, players form patterns, whether they are horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Instead, e-Bingo allows complex patterns to cover the entire card or more numbers. The patterns vary depending on the e-bingo game you play.
  4. Click “Bingo!”
    This is the last step in e-bingo, where you click “Bingo!” While not all online e-bingo games follow the same step, they give results based on your performance.

Best Ways To Win e-Bingo

Like any online casino game, there are ways to win e-bingo. It ensures that players play fair so they can earn their hard-earned rewards. This applies to any game format given by various game providers.

Here are the best ways to win in e-bingo.

Review the rules
e-Bingo follows specific rules when you are playing. First, you pick a card. Then, check the numbers on your bingo card before clicking start. Third, wait for the game to provide the numbers. You then look for the number to cross out or click. Sometimes, there is free space available in the center of the card. Then, when you have all numbers on the card, you click, “Bingo!”

Set a budget
Budgeting is a must-have skill for new and veteran players. In each game, you spend money to buy cards and earn your winnings. However, you may experience losses when you least expect them. Therefore, set a budget for any losses you can recover from. You get to practice discipline in your spending habits.

Use promotions to your advantage
Some e-bingo games offer promotions. You receive bonuses or incentives when you get into the promotion. Use these bonuses for future bingo games. Also, it gives you a slight incentive when you try out another card on hand. It is up to you if you want to join. The rewards change depending on the available promotion.

Get extra balls
In e-bingo, you do not get extra cards. Instead, you can pick an additional ball from the current limit. These vary depending on the game, and they can align to your advantage. Each extra ball has a specific value, so you need to budget accordingly. If you are willing to spend more, it can bring you to a win.

Hottest e-Bingo Games To Try!

With e-bingo gaining popularity, many online gaming platforms allow you to play these games! Gaming providers give you various takes, each with its own spin. The more lucky you get, the bigger the winnings. Fortunately, all games bring their own spin to the game.

Here are some of the hottest e-bingo games you should try today!

Lucky Bingo
Lucky Bingo follows a 90-ball game in a 3×5 grid. You choose three of the four cards and let the game do the work for you. Once the numbers are in place, you pick a random set of numbers. If these numbers match your cards, you win! Fortunately, this game allows you to make as many patterns as possible.

Super Bingo
Like Lucky Bingo, Super Bingo follows a similar approach. The difference here is you can follow specific patterns to earn big. However, you have a limit of ten numbers per game. As long as you match 10 numbers, you can double your earnings. Another perk is that you can purchase an extra ball to bring more chances of winning. Depending on your strategy, you can win more than what you bet on!

West Hunter Bingo
Following a Wild West theme, West Hunter Bingo encourages you to buy extra numbers to win a game. In contrast to other games, as long as one number matches in the pattern, you have more chances of winning. If you win three times, you win big! The catch here is that you cannot pick random numbers yourself. Let the game pick the numbers for you, and see where your luck pays off.

Online e-Bingo FAQs

What is the legal age to play e-Bingo?
As e-bingo is a form of legal gambling, it depends on where you are from. In the Philippines, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) allows players of at least 21 years of age or older. However, some states have different legal ages. Check your local government’s rules and regulations if you can play e-bingo.

Is e-Bingo safe to play?
Yes, e-bingo is a safe and secure game. Any e-bingo game you see on gaming platforms carries licenses to provide these games. Furthermore, they comply with the country’s gaming laws. When you play an e-bingo game, follow the rules and regulations. It protects you from fraud, especially if you are experiencing suspicious activity online.

How much does it cost to play e-Bingo?
The exact price will vary depending on the e-bingo game you play. It is entirely up to you how much you can spend. Fortunately, there are free games available. But these will not provide you with any winnings. You need to pay a reasonable amount to win a higher jackpot. The higher you spend in a game, the bigger winnings you get.

Can you mark off the numbers in e-Bingo?
No, you let the game do the work for you. Since you are using a system, it relies on RNG and recognizes the cards you choose. The game will know what card you choose even before the game starts. Fortunately, you can change the setting anytime you want, depending on the game you play.

Can you play e-Bingo on your mobile device?
Yes, you can play e-Bingo on your mobile device! Gaming platforms such as Bet88 today are reaching out to more people to bring entertainment at their convenience. You can access the game as long as you have a stable internet connection. The best part? You play e-bingo anytime, anywhere.

Can I claim a welcome bonus for e-bingo twice?
No, you cannot use a welcome bonus for a second time. It is a one-off reward, and you can claim it at a later date. Sometimes, welcome bonuses are an optional incentive for players. Once you use the bonus, it will only apply to one game. Online gaming platforms provide bonuses as a way to thank players for signing up, after all. Check the fine print first before using the bonus.

How much money can you win in e-bingo?
Like your bets, the winning jackpot has varying prizes. Therefore, you look to see what is up for grabs in a game. e-Bingo normally has two to three chances of winning, depending on the standard ball game. You can create a strategy alongside your chosen format if the price is right. Once the numbers align right, your bets can result in bigger winnings.

When is the best time to play e-Bingo?
There is no set time to play e-bingo. Remember, online gaming sites operate 24/7; This all comes down to your choice. You can play after hours or whenever you want.